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Bald Hills Road Interchange Open

Delivering for Kavel


15th August marked the operational opening of the new Bald Hills Road Interchange with an immediate reduction in pressure on the Adelaide Road interchange. Whilst the Mt Barker CBD and Adelaide Road precinct  remains very busy, the benefits of the new interchange are already being felt, with improved travel times for commuters and freight companies alike. 

“This new interchange will serve the communities of Nairne, Littlehampton and Mt Barker well into the future and communities further afield such as Strathalbyn to the South and Woodside to the North will also benefit from this major new interchange”, Mark Goldsworthy said.

 “The Mount Barker District Council must be commended for their vision and commitment to this project over many years by purchasing land, committing $3 million and the years of lobbying the State Government.

 “The State Labor Government were the last to commit however their contribution of $8 m was necessary to the success of the project.

 “It must be recognised that former Mayo MP Jamie Briggs was instrumental in securing the major portion of the funding, $16 m from the Federal Government, and without that significant funding the project would not have proceeded.

 “I am pleased that I assisted in delivering the interchange for this region, particularly securing commitments from the State Liberal Party during the 2006, 2010 and 2014 State Election campaigns.  

“There can be no doubt that the State Liberal Party has strongly supported this project from the beginning”.  Mark Goldsworthy MP said. 



Interchange project progressing well

Mark Goldsworthy MP was pleased to tour the Bald Hills Road Interchange project recently with Jamie Briggs MP, Member for Mayo and Mayor Ann Ferguson, Mount Barker District Council, to see the progress occurring on this key infrastructure project.

“I am pleased to see construction progressing well at both the on and off ramps and the adjoining roads”, said Mark Goldsworthy MP.

Ramps will be opened progressively, once completed, ensuring the public has the opportunity to use the interchange as soon as possible.

This is the number one infrastructure project in Kavel – with $16 m in Federal funding, $8 m from the State Government and $3 m from the Mount Barker District Council and it is on track to be completed on schedule this year.

To experience the interchange in a fly-through video, or to provide feedback on the project, visit




Work commences on the Bald Hills Road Interchange

Mark Goldsworthy MP was pleased to join with Hon Jamie Briggs MP, Federal Assistant Minister and Member for Mayo and Mayor Ann Ferguson, District Council of Mt Barker on Sunday 28 June 2015 for a sod-turning event to mark the commencement of the $27 million Bald Hills Road interchange project. 

This project is vital to serve the infrastructure needs of not only the tri-town District of Mt Barker, Littlehampton and Nairne, but the broader Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu regions given the growth that is occurring.

Works on the new freeway interchange, including on and off ramps and a new roundabout at the junction of Old Princes Highway and Bald Hills Road, are expected to be completed by mid-2016.

Congestion at the Adelaide Road interchange is expected to reduce as many drivers opt to use the new interchange.

2nd Freeway Interchange Funding welcomed

After lobbying for a 2nd freeway interchange at Mt Barker for over 10 years, I am pleased funding has been secured and work will commence mid 2015.  A total of $27 million has been committed, with $16 m from the Federal Government, $3 m from Mt Barker Council and $8 m from the State Government.  The record shows I have consistently advocated for this project since being elected in 2002.  As a result of my advocacy, Election commitments were made by the State Liberals in 3 successive election campaigns. This is in stark contrast to State Labor who belatedly committed funding, despite their push for the rapid residential development of the area.  It is interesting to note that Minister Koutsantonis’s claims during the 2014 State Election that he had secured funding for an upgrade to the Adelaide Road interchange have fallen silent.

Full Interchange Announcement Welcomed

The recent announcement by Federal Assistant Minister Jamie Briggs and State Transport Minister that the 2nd Freeway Interchange will be delivered as a full interchange is welcome news. Both sets of entry and exits ramps will be constructed as one project. What was to be a two-stage project is now being delivered as one, within a shorter time frame and within the original $27 m budget.

It is a very pleasing result not only for the Littlehampton, Nairne and Mt Barker communities, but also the wider Hills region, as it gives another access point to the SE Freeway which is a vital piece of infrastructure and a major freight route in the State.

I thank the Hon Jamie Briggs MP, Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, and the District Council of Mount Barker for their strong support and for the vital role they have played in delivering this important project for our community.

Importantly, a local black spot, at the intersection of Old Princes Highway, will be safer with the construction of a roundabout, included in the project.

Bald Hills Road Interchange


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