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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Mr GOLDSWORTHY (Kavel) (12:05): I want to spend a few minutes speaking in support of the motion brought to the house by the member for Chaffey and, obviously, speak against the amendment I understand the government member has moved.

I have spoken at length in this house over a number of years concerning the continual need for the provision of a satisfactory level of infrastructure and services, particularly in the growing area of the townships of Mount Barker, Littlehampton and Nairne where, over the past 15 or 20 years, we have seen a significant increase in residential development as a consequence of fairly large tracts of land being rezoned from farming and other uses to residential use.

Notwithstanding that the tri-town district of Littlehampton, Mount Barker and Nairne continually requires an ever-increasing level of provision of infrastructure services, particularly sporting and recreational facilities, my electorate is no different from anybody else's in relation to the provision of sporting and recreational facilities. When I talk to my colleagues and people in the community, there is a significant issue of the lack of funding and the lack of support this government has provided over a long period of time for sport and recreational facilities.

This issue is obviously not just confined to districts that are experiencing significant residential development: it is right across the state and, as has been outlined by a number of members, particularly on this side of the house, the government is failing in relation to the provision of a satisfactory level of funding for sporting and recreational facilities at a grassroots level.

I do want to turn specifically to my meeting just recently in Mount Barker with Mr Scott Filmer and Mr David Tonks, who are representatives of a body called the Mount Barker Arts, Recreation and Sports Communities (MARSC). They met with me on 20 May and highlighted the critical need for every level of government to turn its mind to the provision of arts, recreation and sporting facilities and resources in that Mount Barker, Littlehampton and Nairne district.

As we all know, and I have spoken at length about this previously in the house, the government made a decision to rubberstamp the rezoning of 3,000 acres of land in one fell swoop, without any real consideration of the concerns of the community and local government at the time. They rezoned 3,000 acres of land for residential development without what we call a structure plan. They poured all that responsibility back onto the council at a significant cost.

The local Mount Barker council had to spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare a structure plan, which covered roads, sporting facilities and different siting for a whole range of requirements, as a consequence of that unilateral decision the government made a number of years ago. We are finding ourselves in a position where the sporting facilities are under critical pressure as a consequence of this residential development and obviously increase in population, with families, children, teenagers and adults across the whole demographic of society needing sport and recreational facilities.

As stated, two gentleman came to see me the other week, and we discussed the critical need for those facilities and resources to be applied to particularly the Mount Barker township. Some land has been purchased, and the government had provided some assistance to purchase what is locally known as the Stephenson land, on the corner of Bald Hills Road and Springs Road, heading out towards where the new freeway interchange is to be constructed.

A master plan is being developed for that land for a shovel-ready project, so I will be making some representation to the government and to the relevant ministers in relation to that in the very short term. I wanted to highlight the issues that the Mount Barker Arts, Recreation and Sports Communities (MARSC) representatives have come to see me about. There will certainly be more representation and more said about that as we progress matters.



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