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Appropriation Bill Grieve

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Mr GOLDSWORTHY (Kavel) (17:34): I am pleased to
continue my remarks from my Appropriation Bill speech. I was getting on to
issues in relation to the Modbury Hospital. I think I was saying that the
northern part of my electorate, the southern part of the member for Schubert's
electorate and those north-eastern suburban seats obviously all use the Modbury
Hospital, so it is important to a significant part of my constituency that the
Modbury Hospital operates at a very high level and offers a comprehensive range
of services.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the Minister for Health a
question relating to what services would be kept in place after the
Transforming Health reforms were put through, and we did not really get any
straight answers. The minister hedged around the question, looked to lay some
blame on some of our federal colleagues and the like, but really did not get to
the tin tacks of the question at all. We want some accurate, truthful answers
to those questions.  

Mr GOLDSWORTHY: I understand the member for Newland put
out a similar DL flyer into the Newland electorate, with his photograph across
it, listing 32 services that the Modbury Hospital currently provides to
communities. We want to know, on this side of the house, how many of those 32
services will be retained at the Modbury Hospital after the Transforming Health
reforms are carried out.

That is a very important issue for a significant section of my
electorate, obviously a significant section of the member for Schubert's
electorate, and no doubt for the electorates of the member for Florey, the
member for Newland, Wright, Morialta, and probably even some of the member for
Hartley's electorate. These are very important questions that need to be

Going on in relation to the health services that are provided
to South Australians, we have had a series of questions, particularly in
question time today, about the EPAS debacle—the hundreds of millions of dollars
that are being shelled out to actually smash the EPAS into some sort of shape
that will fit our current health service.

Initially, it was meant to be rolled out in the current RAH,
but that has all been canned, and we are talking about it going into the new
RAH. We were quite legitimately asking questions of the Treasurer (who I
understand has the control of the budget for EPAS) and he was all at sea. The
Treasurer could not give any clear answers on pretty much any and every question
that was asked in relation to EPAS. So, if there is ever an example of how to
mismanage a project, I think EPAS is right up there with the best of them.

Another issue I want to touch on is that of the Treasurer also
spouting off this week, talking about the fact that the government aspires to
have this state known as 'the mining state'. I am going to contact the senior
departmental people in relation to this, but I have some constituents, two
brothers, who have mining leases up in the Far North, and they are having all
sorts of trouble working through the bureaucratic maze that has come about by a
heritage listing that has been placed on the some of the land covered by their
mining leases. There is a whole bureaucratic maze that these constituents of mine
have to try to find their way through to get their approvals for a particular

So while the Treasurer, the Minister for Mineral Resources,
says that they are doing everything they possibly can to foster a productive
mining sector, the reality I am finding, through the concerns passed on to me
by my constituents, is something quite different. They still have this massive
process that is bound up in red tape. As I said, I will be contacting the
senior departmental officers with those concerns in an effort to have them

However, I do not want to be totally negative, even though the
member for Colton, in his contribution, was totally negative. Obviously we are
touching a raw nerve, particularly with the member for Morphett raising issues
with the UFU and so on. We know that the member for Colton was the national
secretary of the UFU, so I think we are touching a bit of a raw nerve there,
and we got a response from the member for Colton in his contribution this

I want to turn my remarks to something positive, some positive
news that has come from the electorate of Kavel, and that is the recent
announcement and the event we attended on the weekend. The federal Minister for
Infrastructure the Hon. Jamie Briggs, the state Minister for Transport and
Infrastructure the Hon. Stephen Mullighan, myself, and the Mount Barker mayor
Ann Ferguson attended the first official sod-turning ceremony for the
construction of the second freeway interchange at Mount Barker, an historic
event for the district. We will see that project progress and, if things stay
on track, if the engineering work stays on track, that project—the full
interchange with the four sets of ramps—will be completed in approximately 12
months' time.

That was a very pleasing announcement that was made on the weekend, and it is something I
have worked very, very hard for over 10 years in this place. I have received
very strong support from my colleagues on this side of the house for it to be
in our election policy in 2006 and again in the 2010 election transport policy
and again in the 2014 election transport policy. So I thank the leader for his
strong support as well as previous leaders for their strong support, and all my
colleagues on this side of the house for their support for this project.
Without that I do not think it would have been achieved; without my support and
the support of my colleagues I do not necessarily think it would have been

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