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Appropriation Bill Grieve

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Mr GOLDSWORTHY: I am pleased to make a contribution to
this part of the debate in relation to the Appropriation Bill. Perhaps
recapping on what I covered yesterday, I was highlighting that the government
has not really produced a surplus, as they claim. Without the sale assets of
the Motor Accident Commission the budget would be in deficit, as has been
highlighted by quite a number of members on this side of the house. So, as I
described yesterday, it is really a book-entry surplus that the Treasurer has

I also talked about the hypocrisy of Labor governments over a
number of years in relation to how they have managed the power generating
capacity of South Australia and how—back before they had formed government,
back in the Liberal government days of the late 1990s, early 2000s—they
vehemently opposed the construction of the Pelican Point power station. I
highlighted the fact that they held rallies out the front of Parliament House,
trying to convince the public that dolphins would die from the overheated water
being put out into the Port River and so on. It never eventuated. What a
complete bunch of nonsense.

Then we see the recent form of the Treasurer, the Minister for
Energy, going to the company that owns Pelican Point to basically plead with
them to crank up their capacity to meet a deficiency in the market and in the
generating and power supply capacity of the state in relation to the recent
storm events. I also talked about the turmoil that Transforming Health is in,
in relation to the massive over capacity in the Lyell McEwin Hospital as a
consequence of downgrading the services at Modbury.

In the time I have now I want to talk about some issues more
specific to the electorate, particularly in relation to the provision of health
services. I think it is pretty well recognised that Mount Barker township and
the surrounding area—the area that was rezoned a number of years ago by, again,
a Labor government without any valuable consultation with the local
community—is the fastest growing inland community in Australia. Obviously, with
that growth there are challenges and demands, and it is something I have raised
with health ministers in the past, and I have also written a letter to the
current health minister about the provision of services at the Mount Barker hospital.

A particular issue was raised in the recent federal election
campaign by the newly elected member for Mayo in relation to the provision of
an on-site doctor during the evening and early morning hours; so basically
having a 24-hour around-the-clock doctor on site. The NXT candidate campaigned
locally on that issue, and now that person is the newly elected member for
Mayo, and they raised that as an issue in the campaign.

I want to remind the house that as the local member I have
raised this issue a number of times and written letters to previous ministers
for health. I have written another letter to the Minister for Health in
relation to that and other issues concerning the Mount Barker hospital,
particularly in relation to a current review that is being undertaken
concerning services provided by the Mount Barker hospital, really wanting to
know more specific detail about that review and what they expect the outcomes
to be.

I make the point that claims are being made that it might only
be a couple of hundred thousand dollars to have a doctor placed at the Mount
Barker hospital around the clock, but what we really need to turn our mind to,
as that district grows and as that town develops, is that the government and
successive governments (and, hopefully, that will be a Liberal government after
the next election) have to focus on how we want the Mount Barker hospital to be
and what services it will provide into the future.

I want some thought process put in to looking at what it will
cost and what the threshold population will be in that district for a fully
operational accident and emergency department to be put into the hospital
because that is basically where the community is going. My sense is that the
community in that part of the Hills is looking for a fully operational accident
and emergency unit in the hospital, so I think we have to turn our mind to the
fact that that is what the community is looking for and then do some work on
what the thresholds and triggers will be in terms of population levels and
issues such as that for the establishment of a functioning A&E unit in the
Mount Barker hospital.

That might be several years away, it might be 10 years away,
we do not know, but we have to start thinking about it and looking at it and
start planning for it. When that land is all developed, there will be a
population of around 30,000-plus in that part of the Adelaide Hills, and it is
too much to expect people who live there to travel to the city, as they do, for
a certain level of A&E care. That is what happens now: if somebody presents
at the hospital at, say, at 2 o’clock in the morning, a senior nurse, an RN,
will triage the patient and triage the condition.

If they see fit, if they think it is applicable, there is
always a local doctor rostered who can be called in to the hospital. There is a
night-time roster, and a doctor can be called in to the hospital to treat the
patient. If it is out of the area that the hospital can manage, they can either
place them in an ambulance to take them to the city or they can travel to the
city by their own means. As the district expands and development occurs, we
need to turn our mind to the level of services, infrastructure and facilities
that are to be provided to meet satisfactorily the requirements of the community
pushing into the future.

We are seeing some necessary acknowledgement from the
government in terms of a new interchange on the freeway being constructed at
Mount Barker. It is very pleasing.


Ms Redmond: And you can thank the federal government.


Mr GOLDSWORTHY: And I will get to that, as the member
for Heysen stated, because it is fundamental to the construction of that
interchange. If it were not for the hard work and commitment of the previous
member for Mayo, Jamie Briggs, in making strong representation to the federal
Liberal government for a commitment of $16 million to the total project value
of $27 million, that project would not have proceeded.

The feds put in $16 million, the state put in $8 million and
the council put in $3 million. It is a $27 million project, and the works are
about to be completed and a fully operational interchange is about to come
online. If it were not for Jamie Briggs, the previous member for Mayo, and
obviously the strong work that I attribute to the state Liberal opposition and me,
as the local member advocating for more than a decade and supporting what Jamie
was doing, that freeway and interchange would not be being built now. The new
member for Mayo can talk about what she wants to talk about, but if it were not
for Briggs that interchange would not be built.


Time expired.



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