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Member for Kavel

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Entries for September 2016

27 September, 2016
Mount Barker Police are holding a Domestic Violence Forum and invite any interested person to attend. SAPOL, together with other Agencies will provide information on the services available to victims and family members to prevent / protect them agai... Read more
19 September, 2016
Bald Hills Road Interchange Open
15th August marked the operational opening of the new Bald Hills Road Interchange with an immediate reduction in pressure on the Adelaide Road interchange. Whilst the Mt Barker CBD and Adelaide Road precinct  remains very busy, the benefits of the new interchange are already being felt, with im... Read more
19 September, 2016
Lenswood Apples new technology set to double capacity
Mark Goldsworthy MP was pleased to attend the launch of Lenswood Apples’ new processing and packaging plant, saying “I am impressed by the advanced technology installed at Lenswood Apples which will lead to more sales, more jobs and will lead to a doubling of the current production c... Read more
19 September, 2016
New School for Mount Torrens
The official opening of the independent Christian school, Domino Servite College, took place on 28th August with much celebration.  Domino Servite College is a welcome addition to the educational facilities in the Adelaide Hills.   Mark Goldsworthy has been pleased to support the com... Read more
12 September, 2016
With State debt set to peak at $14.2 billion in 2017/18, our next generation – our children and grandchildren – will bear the burden of that. The interest bill alone will be $652 million in 2017/18. The mismanagement from what wil... Read more
12 September, 2016
The Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission has issued its Draft Report into electoral reform, however, despite the acknowledgement of the need to fix the imbalance, the swing-to-lose pendulum shows that South Australians could again find themselve... Read more
05 September, 2016
I am pleased to announce the 2016 Governor's Multicultural Awards are now open. These important awards celebrate South Australians who promote multiculturalism and increase understanding of the benefits of cultural diversity in our community. The A... Read more

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